30 Best CBD Pain Creams to Try In 2021

Body pain is a common issue in fitness freaks, regular gymmers, employees, and especially mamas. The good news is that it’s not the end of the world. There are numerous ways to treat such pains and go on with a fit and healthy life. One of the ways is to use heavy pain killers that will relieve you instantly but at the same time inflict you with an even severe health condition to deal with in the long run. Thus, they cannot be relied upon.

CBD pain creams prove to be another effective yet reliable pain relievers that are now easily available in most states and are quite affordable too. The only problem here is finding the right product from a pool of thousands. And that’s what we are here for – to help you find the best CBD pain cream in 2021. Let’s dig deeper.

Nightingale Remedies CBD Topical Relief Cream

Nightingale is known for its innovative production techniques that ensure the fastest and the most effective results in almost no time. Its products are best suited for all sorts of body pains regardless of their severity. Its topical relief cream is an unbeatable formula that one must not miss this year. It is equally effective on all body parts and can also relieve arthritis pain. Its biggest added advantage, especially for ladies, is the capability to reduce acne, fine lines, and wrinkles.

JustCBD – CBD Topical – Infused Pain Cream

Here comes the market leader, JustCBD, well-reputed for its super effective and fast-acting products. The brand has been featured in various magazines and journals, including IB TimesSF EverGreen, and Merry Jane.

Its CBD-infused pain cream is an excellent pain reliever that instantly penetrates the skin to its deepest layer to kick all the pain-causing agents. It hardly needs about 15-20 minutes to show its magic that lasts for about 3-4 hours. Its organic composition, featuring premium quality CBD and a powerful blend of essential oils, vitamins, and aloe vera, makes it a safe option for everyone.

CBDMEDIC Arthritis Aches and Pains Relief Cream

CBDMedic is one of the most reliable CBD brands with a highly professional and well-qualified team of experts working day and night to make life easier for their people. Most of these professionals are deeply connected with the field of medicine that gives them leverage over others. Thus, rest assured anything you get from this brand will be highly effective and safe.

Its CBD Arthritis Aches and Pains Relief Cream is a wonderful solution to all body pains, even arthritis. It only takes a few minutes to turn your joints and muscles completely pain-free and easily functional. It also reduces inflammation to a greater extent.

CBDMD Recover Inflammation Cream

cbdMD offers another super powerful formula that can instantly relieve you of even the most severe body pains and inflammatory conditions. Infused with 300mg of CBD, its Premium Recover pain cream is a must-have for people who hit the gym regularly.

Apart from CBD, it also contains MSM, vitamin B6, and arnica that makes it even more effective. The product is available in different strengths ranging from 300 to 1500. Thus, you can easily choose according to your requirements.

Social CBD Topical Muscle Rub

SocialCBD, a society-driven brand, tends to create better ways for people to easily adopt CBD for a healthier life. Muscle Rub, a pain relief cream by the brand, is dedicated to supporting a fit body without any unnecessary pain. Thus, with this cream in your bag, you can work out to your maximum potentials without worrying about the post pain.

This product is also quite effective against herpetic neuralgia which creates severe inflammatory conditions. Made with CBD, essential oils, methanol, and a few more organic compounds, this product is safe for everyone.

Green Eagle Broad Spectrum Relief Cream

Green Eagle Nano uses the most advanced technologies to serve the market with a range of innovative products, solving modern problems. The Broad Spectrum Relief Cream by the brand has been crafted to offer the maximum benefits of CBD. It instantly penetrates the skin, ensuring quick results that last for a long time. The cream leaves a cooling effect which helps in fighting inflammation and speeds up recovery.

Petal CBD Topical Muscle and Joint Pain Relief Cream

Petal is a self-care advocate that promotes healthier and happier life through its vegan and affordable products. Its muscle and joint pain relief cream is an exceptional pain reliever with amazing powers of CBD and an organic botanical blend. With 1000 mg of CBD, it provides quick and lasting effects on severe joint and muscle pains after gym and workout sessions. It is available in different sizes and strengths to suit various body needs.

Be Well Dexter CBD Topical Relief Cream

Be Well Dexter is a one-stop solution for all your CBD needs. With a product for everyone, the brand unarguably has a massive customer base, proving its efficacy and reliability. Its relief cream comes with the motto of “be free” and is thus crafted to free people from muscle and joint pains that bring them down, allowing them to live a carefree life.

Phoenix Natural Wellness CBD Topical Pain Cream

Phoenix is a go-to CBD brand that has some of the highest quality products and maintains an impressive level of transparency. It offers all of its lab-test results online for people to thoroughly assess what they might be getting. The cream is infused with 500 mg of CBD that kicks away all the body pain while leaving your skin soft and moisturized. It also prevents inflammation which speeds up the recovery time. Thus, you can enjoy quick and lasting effects,

Green Roads CBD Topical Muscle and Joint Relief Cream

Green Roads is among the top reliable CBD brands with a range of highly effective products that are designed to make life pain-free, healthier, and happier. Its muscle and joint pain relief cream is an amazing example of its mission.

It is primarily infused with premium CBD and a blend of essential oils, including menthol oil, lavender oil, and chamomile, that start with recovering the outer skin and moves on to the deepest layer. This leaves a cooling sensation on the outer skin while keeping it soft and hydrated.

Oliver’s Harvest CBD CAPSAICIN Pain Cream

Oliver’s Harvest pain relief cream comes with an innovative formula featuring two of the most powerful anti-pain ingredients – CBD and capsaicin. CBD is amazing for your overall health and does not take long to take away any sort of body pain.

Capsaicin reduces the intensity of pain for immediate treatment until CBD does its work. It also prevents nerve damage for faster recovery. Both the components aid each other to offer an unbeatable pain relief formula.

Candor CBD Topical Recovery Cream

Get your hands on this CBD Recovery Cream by Candor and relieve yourself of regular fatigue and body pains. This is hands down the best CBD pain cream for daily joints and muscles’ wear and tear. Plus, it comes in a pocket-friendly container that can easily fit into small spaces, allowing you to carry it along. Apply a thin layer of the cream on the target area when needed and wait for a few minutes for it to absorb. You’ll be instantly relieved and the effects will last a long time.

ActivFit CBD Topical Muscle Rub

ActivFit’s massage gel is a must-have for all massage lovers. You’ll even commonly spot it at massage and physical therapy centers. Maximizing the power of CBD, this gel instantly relieves the muscle and joints of any pain and relaxes them to ease your movements. Combined with CBD, the calcium extract in the blend warms the muscles while the menthol cools the skin. For its travel-friendly size, it is super easy to carry along.

Canna Comforts Paris OG Pain Cream

Canna Comforts is dedicated to making life more enjoyable and pain-free with its extensive range of CBD products that offer wonderful results. Its pain cream is infused with 250 mg CBD, which has been personally collected by experts from local farms. When applied to the targeted area, the cream quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving a soft and comfortable skin on the outside. Apart from making your days more productive, this cream will also ensure restful nights.

Kat’s Naturals Arnica and EMU Cream

Kat’s Naturals have gone a little extra mile to offer their users some bonus features. Their pain cream is an effective pain reliever that works in minutes to relax your muscles and joints, making you more independent and energetic. The plus is that it can also be applied to the skin for reducing acne and dryness. Its organic formula deeply moisturizes the skin and rejuvenates it for a healthier look. Moreover, it has a mild fragrance that makes it suitable to be applied around people.

Eco Sciences Ecoderm Pain Cream

If you are constantly on foot or for any reason suffer frequent body pains, this pain cream by EcoSciences will make your life 10x easier. It is packed with CBD (grown and processed in the USA), essential oils, and a few other organic compounds like methyl salicylate that speed up the recovery process. It comes in a pump bottle that makes managing the dosage super easy. 2 pumps are enough for an area.

Holy Leaf Sports Pain Relief Cream

Relax your sore muscles with this Sports Pain Relief Cream by Holy Leaf. It is the best pain relief cream for sportsmen whose muscles and joints are constantly under pressure if not in the field then on practice grounds. Thus, this powerful formula is specially developed for them. It comes in a very small container that can easily fit tight spaces, allowing you to easily carry it along.

Pachamama CBD Topical Pain Cream

Striving to save lives and escaping its people from the daily stress and body pain, Pachamama has introduced a potent pain relief cream that works wonders against regular physical stress without any side effects in the long run. It is completely THC-free to clean away even the tiniest risk of getting high. You can also access its lab-tests results online for further assurance.

The presence of menthol leaves a cooling sensation on the skin that initially reduces the severity of pain meanwhile the CBD content completely combats it.

Medterra CBD Topical Pain Relief Cream

For the most organic yet effective pain cream, turn to Medterra. The brand is known for its extremely safe organic compositions that make it the center of attention in the market. Its pain relief cream is infused with CBD, menthol, and arnica that makes it effective not only against sore muscles and joint pains but also against cuts and bruises. It is free of THC, pesticides, and other artificial compounds.

Sunset CBD Topical Pain-Relief Cream

Sunset CBD is another highly reliable CBD brand with its range of powerful CBD products that affect almost instantly. Its pain relief cream infused with 1000mg of CBD, kicks away all sorts of body pain in minutes. It is super efficacious against arthritis, backaches, and sprains – pains that terribly hinder movement. It relaxes the muscles and smoothens the skin while preventing them from inflammation to speed up recovery.

Hemp Bombs CBD Topical Pain Freeze

Freeze your pains to death with this CBD Pain Freeze by Hemp Bombs. Featuring a natural composition, this cream penetrates the skin much faster, kicking away the pain and hydrating the skin. It leaves the skin super soft and cool to prevent inflammation. It has a light fragrance that allows you to use it anywhere anytime.

AmourCBD CBD Topical Pain Relieving Cream

If you do not want to deal with any kind of good or bad smell when it comes to pain, Amour has you covered. This brand offers an odorless pain cream that will silently take away all your pain, leaving you relaxed and energized. It contains emu oil which keeps the skin super hydrated and makes it look healthier. It works quickly but offers lasting effects.

Apothecary RX CBD Topical Cooling Salve

When nothing seems to work, turn to Cooling Salve by Apothecary RX. infused with 300 mg of CBD, this salve is crafted to kick away even the most stubborn body aches to liberate you of such hindrances and ensure a pain-free life. It is also quite effective against inflammation and promotes better skin. Keep it in your bag and immediately apply whenever needed.

CBD Fusion CBD Topical Full Spectrum Pain Slave

If frequent muscle strains constantly drag you down, avenge them with this full spectrum pain salve by CBD Fusion. It loosens the strained muscles and relaxes them for a speedy recovery. The salve features a 100% organic composition that involves high-quality CBD, arnica oil, lemongrass extract, and Spanish Rosemary. This ensures quick and effective results on all skin types.

Restoor Skin Essentials CBD Topical Pain Relief Balm

Treat all your body pains with a powerful blend of CBD enriched with antioxidants and vitamins. This exceptionally effective pain relief formula by Restoor Essentials is among the top-rated products in the market. Along with relieving muscles and joints from pain, it also strengthens them. It also moisturizes and smoothens the skin.

Life Pack Organics CBD Topical Instant Freeze Cream

Life Pack Organics offers the perfect solution for sore, aching, and strained muscles and joints that make life troublesome. A single application of this Instant Freezing Cream will vanish all the pain, leaving you relaxed and comfortable.

PCR Pure Lavender and Eucalyptus Full Spectrum Soothing

PCR Pure offers a mild yet effective solution to occasional body pains. Its pain cream is packed with CBD and a dozen other organic compounds that ensure fast and lasting results. Moreover, it has a pleasurable sweet fragrance that allows you to easily apply it even when surrounded by people.

Heritage Hemp Muscle Salve

Loaded with 100 mg of premium CBD, this muscle salve is an excellent pain reliever. Its all-natural composition quickly penetrates the skin to ease the pain and relax the muscle or joint. When applied before a workout, it can prevent muscle soreness.

Veritas Farms Full Spectrum Sports Cream

Veritas Farm’s pain relief cream is among the most effective pain creams. Made with a range of natural ingredients, this cream offers instant and lasting results. It has a light fragrance which unlike other pain relief balms is quite better.

Neurogan, INC. Full Spectrum Cooling Rub Peppermint

The full-spectrum cooling rub by Neurogan is an all-in-one formula. It offers quick muscle and joint pain relief to relax and calm the user. Plus, it deeply moisturizes the skin to prevent dryness, redness, or inflammation.


Choosing one from such a large variety would have been difficult but narrowing it down to 30 might help you. For an all-rounder, you can checkout JustCBD pain relief cream which offers quick and lasting effects, while featuring a completely organic composition.