How to Choose Kona Coffee Beans by Grade?

While all coffee from the Mauna Loa and Haulaila region can be considered Kona coffee, there are also different Kona coffee beans, called ‘grades.’ These grades classify the coffee according to their quality:

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  •         Type I beans (10 Best Kona Coffee Beans To Buy In 2021)


  •         Type II beans


A coffee bean with a lower grade lesser than these two types called ‘Number three’ cannot be considered legally as a’Kona coffee’ even though it is from Hawaii. It is instead identified as ‘Hawaiian’coffee. If the bean grade is lesser than ‘Number three,’ the coffee bean is considered an off-grade or just generic coffee.


The Type I beans can further be graded into two more classes depending on their moisture content, size, and purity of the bean type. These are –


  •         Kona Extra Fancy


  •         Kona fancy


  •         Kona Number 1


  •         Kona Select


  •         Kona Prime


Extra Fancy is the highest quality of the 10 Best Kona Coffee Beans To Buy In 2021. However, all beans in the grade I category can be considered superior quality compared to other grades. The Extra Fancy grades are of uniform colour, size and contain little or no defective and diseased beans. They are considered a premium, and as such, you’ll have to cough out a significant sum for them.




District’s top 10 Best Kona Coffee Beans To Buy In 2021 are easily the best beans:




But don’t worry, they are well worth their price.


The Type I grade consists of two Kona coffee beans in each cherry flat on one side and oval on the other. The type II Kona coffee beans have only one round bean per cherry; they are called peaberries. This type II grade beans are also divided into ‘Peaberry Number 1′ and “Peaberry Prime.’


Pea berries taste better than other normal coffee beans. This is because they can be roasted evenly due to their round shape, which allows the berries to roll about more quickly in the roasting chamber. Their higher bean density also allows for equal distribution of heat. These beans are rare since only 5% of all coffee beans are peaberries, so they are also expensive.


How Do 100% Kona Coffee Beans Taste?


For coffee, the taste is often determined by the brew method, the freshness, and the grind’s size. A bitter-tasting ground coffee indicates it is either over-extracted or too fine, while a flat taste coffee means your grind is too coarse. However, if all goes well with your preparation method, Kona coffee has an amazing flavour and a rich aroma that will make you wonder how you ever lived without it.


A freshly brewed cup of the10 Best Kona Coffee Beans To Buy In 2021 have a milky taste blended with traces of honey, brown sugar, and a velvety feel. You can also discern the buttery finish that makes it unique among other types of coffee.


After drinking a cup any of these 10 Best Kona Coffee Beans To Buy In 2021, you’ll be left with a refreshing and pleasant aftertaste that will often make you desire a second cup. The combined pleasurable effect produced by the taste, feel, and aroma of the Kona coffee is the reason why it still retains its position as one of the best types of coffee in the world.


Since the rise to Kona coffee fame in the 1800s, there have been many attempts to market fraudulent Kona coffee beans. How do you avoid wasting your money and ending up with fake Kona coffee beans? There are several ways to do this.

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